Research and RWE Generation

The BHI RWE team comprises over 30 highly skilled and experienced individuals who possess diverse backgrounds in various disciplines including:

  • Data Science
  • Clinical Informatics
  • Health Economics
  • Healthcare Policy
  • Pharmacy

Our team members bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise from their prior work experiences at prestigious organizations, including:

  • Biopharma Companies
  • Provider Health Systems
  • Payers
  • RWD/RWE (Real-World Data/Real-World Evidence) Vendors
  • Analytics Companies

Through their collective experiences, our team is equipped to provide comprehensive and cutting-edge solutions in the field of RWE generation.

30+ Team Members, IGCP Trained, Independent Review Board

Clinical Research Use:

Protocol Creation and Study Design

Blueprints for conducting RWE studies, ensuring that the research is conducted in a rigorous and transparent manner, and that the objectives of the study are met.

IRB Submission

The IRB submission is a crucial step in conducting ethical and compliant RWE research, ensuring that the study adheres to ethical guidelines and regulatory requirements. BHI ensures the protection of participants rights and welfare via this IRB evaluation.

Participating Patient Data Delivery

Delivery of data on participating patients (de-identified and via tokens) during and after main study to enable comparative effectiveness studies including Real World that can be submitted to payers and other parties to justify benefits and impact formulary decisions.

Publication Drafting and Submission

Preparation and drafting of scientific manuscripts or articles to present findings and methodology of studies utilizing our real-world data.

Regulatory Submission Support

Assistance and guidance in preparing and submitting research findings utilizing our real-world data to regulatory authorities.

HEOR Studies

Analyze economic and clinical outcomes of healthcare interventions to assess the cost-effectiveness, safety, and overall value of medical treatments and healthcare policies to inform decision-making in the healthcare industry.

Patient Journey Analysis

Understand the complete trajectory of patients throughout their healthcare experience, from initial diagnosis to treatment and outcomes.

Comparative Effectiveness Studies

Compare the effectiveness of interventions, treatments, or strategies in real-world settings.

Health Equity Analyses

Insight generation into health access and quality barriers based on SDOH challenges. Insight into different patient pathways and outcomes that are affected by SDOH factors and characteristics.

Cohort Calibration

SDOH and Diversity cohort balancing for RWE use cases, including identification of optimal sites/geographies for trial recruitment, focused on representation.

Synthetic Control Arms

Propensity matched patients to create synthetic control arms for post marketing surveillance and enhanced cohorts for rare diseases or trials with cohorts that are not representative.

Real-World Data You Can Trust

When you need fast, accurate, and trusted closed claims data, Blue Health Intelligence has you covered. BHI’s fully adjudicated, closed claims database offers a unique blend of attributes:


Encompasses a significant duration of continuous enrollment, exceeding three years for more than 50% of members and surpassing five years for over 40% of members.

Size and Geographic Representation of Patient Cohorts

Sourced from 29 unique organizations, encompassing over 300 distinct plan designs that cover 100% of ZIP codes in the nation.


Our data is linkable through several token engines that are widely accepted today.

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BHI’s data science and analytics experts are multi-degreed professionals with years of combined healthcare experience spanning analytics, clinical practice, epidemiology, statistics, employer consulting, benefits support, predictive modeling, real-world evidence, and financial and business analysis.

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