Top Five Ways COVID-19 has Changed Employers’ Approach to Health Benefits

Mary Henderson, senior vice president, Product Management and Business InnovationBlog

After more than a year of dealing with the ramifications of COVID-19, employers anticipate feeling the impact of the pandemic for years to come. The past 14 months have changed our interactions with and our assumptions about work. They’ve also changed what employers and employees expect of each other. Additionally, COVID-19 has surfaced some truths about the way employers approach … Read More

Blue Health Intelligence Partners with AnalyticsIQ to Enhance Understanding of National Health Disparities


BHI to Augment its National Data Repository of 217 Million Unique Health Plan Members with Comprehensive Race and Ethnicity Information CHICAGO, May 3, 2021 – Blue Health Intelligence® (BHI®) announced today a partnership with AnalyticsIQ to augment BHI’s rich healthcare data with race and ethnicity information. The partnership will add 13 ethnicity and language-related data elements to BHI’s large, longitudinal … Read More

Whyzen Boost Your Skills


The Blue Health Intelligence® team demonstrates how to use the many features of Whyzen Analytics, our account analytics and reporting solution for health plans, employers, and brokers. This webinar’s deeper dives include tutorials on: Custom Communities Enhancements: More Easily Sharing Analyses with Authorized Users Design Mode: A Faster Way to Edit Chart Objects Graphics Features of the New Release of … Read More

Study: Telehealth Consults Increased Over 50-Fold During First Phase of Pandemic

BHIThought Leadership

An article in Care Analytic News discusses the findings from a recent study co-authored by researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and Blue Health Intelligence®. The study found that telehealth consults among privately insured working-age patients accounted for almost 24 percent of outpatient consults with health care providers during the early phase of the pandemic, March … Read More

Using BHI data to assess the impact of COVID-19 on telehealth utilization

BHIData Briefs

The explosive growth of telehealth has been discussed extensively in the past year. To provide even greater insights into the nature of this COVID-19 driven-trend, BHI studied our conformed national medical claims data set, comprised of more than 22 billion claims that represent 217 million unique lives, to unearth different telehealth insights.

Whyzen Boost Your Skills


The Blue Health Intelligence® team provides demonstrations of current and upcoming features of Whyzen Analytics, our account analytics and reporting solution for health plans, employers, and brokers. This month’s focus is on Graphics and Data Visualization. This recording’s deeper dives include tutorials on: Fundamentals of Data Visualization Applying the Fundamentals in Whyzen: Combo charts, stacked bar charts, treemap charts, and … Read More

Insights from BHI: Intersection of Behavioral Health & Chronic Medical Conditions


In this webinar, Joe Bisson, vice president of business development, and Farid Alam, MD, director of clinical analytics with BHI provided unique analysis of chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, asthma, and mental health, illustrating how BHI’s closed claims dataset highlights the challenges that chronic conditions pose to the healthcare system. Chronic conditions account for over $3.5 trillion of … Read More

Advisory Council Explores COVID-19’s Impact on Commercial Health Insurance Coverage


No Sudden COVID-Related Loss of Employer-Based Insurance, Research Shows

BHI’s Advisory Council members kicked off their research projects this year and in one COVID-19-focused effort, found that research often adds value through counterintuitive findings. BHI Advisory Council members Michael Chernew, PhD, of Harvard University and Vivian Ho, PhD, of Rice University have been looking specifically at COVID’s impact on Blue health insurance disenrollment rates and how the pandemic has … Read More