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Whyzen Analytics for Brokers

Blue Health Intelligence Releases Enhanced Whyzen™ Analytics Platform

Blue Health Intelligence® (BHI®) recently infused guided analytic pathways and a more intuitive interface into its cutting-edge employer analytics and reporting solution, Whyzen™ Analytics, to enable healthcare stakeholders to quickly sort through vast healthcare data and identify key cost savings and care improvement opportunities.

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Bigger Data. Bolder Analytics. Better Decisions.

Big data facilitates healthcare intelligence, which is why more is better. 
Large data sets allow BHI to detect anomalies, make predictions, and identify improvement opportunities with pinpoint accuracy.

0.6 billion
total claims

0.9 billion
total professional claims

0.4 billion
total pharmacy claims
0.14 billion
facility claims

0 million
total unique members


Insights from BHI: Intersection of Behavioral Health and Chronic Medical Conditions

In this on-demand webinar from BHI and Datavant, you will receive:

  • An overview of BHI's data and analytic solutions
  • Unique case studies and examples demonstrating the value of closed claims data
  • Insights and analysis of chronic conditions