Health Equity

Identify opportunities to impact health equity

Make Progress Towards Equitable Healthcare for All

Illuminate social and economic vulnerabilities.

Across populations, individuals’ race, ethnicity, and social determinants of health (SDOH) are associated with significant disparities in health outcomes. Plans want to address these disparities by understanding their opportunities for improvement and designing impactful health equity programs. The first step is using reliable data to map disparities in particular populations, for particular conditions and diseases.

Our comprehensive health equity solution leverages the nation’s largest commercial claims data set as well as proprietary data enrichments to produce insights that allow Plans to understand health disparities at the population, geography or disease level. You gain immediate insights into common areas of inequity.

Understand Populations Through the Lens of Race, Ethnicity, and SDOH Factors

As the industry moves to greater transparency, healthcare stakeholders are being required to report outcomes by race and ethnicity, understand the root causes of disparities, and take corrective actions quickly.

You can quickly evaluate race and ethnicity data and SDOH factors by accessing our data set.

Armed with these insights, you can:

  • Highlight the racial and ethnic composition of a population.
  • Contrast outcomes and quality measures across racial and ethnic groups, such as access to primary and mental health care, preventative screening, and use of emergency care.
  • Reveal SDOH factors that are driving inequities and design interventions.
  • Design programs that are aimed at reducing inequities and monitor the effectiveness of programs and interventions.

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