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The Power of BHI Data

When you need to demonstrate the value, safety, and efficacy of drugs, products, or services, you need access to reliable real-world data. Yet many vendors’ data is compromised by a lack of continuous enrollment, limited geographic representation, latency, gaps in individual patient journeys, inconsistent formatting, and other issues.

BHI’s fully adjudicated, closed-claims database offers a unique blend of attributes:

  • Size and geographic representation of patient cohorts
  • Continuous patient enrollment
  • Consistency and stability of data contributors
  • High-quality financial fields
  • Consistent formatting
  • Frequency of updates

It’s the same data trusted to power health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) and other analytics across the enterprise by leading life science, medical device, payer, and digital health companies.


How is BHI's Data Different?

Spanning more than 13 years of closed-claims activity, our proprietary database offers regularly updated longitudinal medical and pharmacy claims data spanning the continuum of care. Data is refreshed monthly, and ready within 60 days after claims adjudication.


unique de-identified members, including 87.1M in the last three years


of current members have
3 or more years of continuous enrollment


unique members in the most recent calendar year


claims covering every five-digit ZIP code in the U.S.


contributing plans, representing 300 unique plan designs


annual growth in size of database

Superior Data Quality and Timeliness

Our single data-model submission platform assures uniformity and timeliness, eliminating the formatting and reliability issues of multiple-vendor solutions. Our data then undergoes four levels of quality and integrity validation, plus actuarial certification by Milliman. This results in a complete view of patients’ diagnoses, procedures, and drug regimens, ready for analytics.

While many closed-claims data vendors build data on a fixed schedule, we pull data for customers as needed. We also refresh our data monthly, with updates available within 60 days of claims adjudication, minimizing data latency.

“This study helped us address the cost side of the quality and cost equation. It independently verified what we know to be true: that we’re the lowest-cost low back pain providers.”


How One Provider Realized the Power of BHI’s Real-World Data
Providers from Spine Team Texas enlisted BHI data to validate their conservative, multidisciplinary approach to treating low back pain, comparing costs to similar practices in a defined geographic area focusing on a specific CPT code.
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Additional Highlights

We go beyond providing you access to closed-claims data.

Analytics and Data Science

Our team of health economists and data scientists are available to provide highly-targeted insights through advanced data analysis.

Financial Detail

The data is derived from adjudicated claims and reflects actual allowable costs, not maximum allowable costs or proxy estimates.


Our data is linkable through several token engines that are widely accepted today.

“BHI offered a strong, robust set of claims data that we used to operate at a granular level. BHI has core data elements that are important to us: a reliable, substantial set of claims data, uniquely tied to provider IDs.”

Rob Metcalf, CEO, Concert Genetics

BHI's Solutions to Your Challenges

Our data solutions can augment your analytics and help you navigate the changing landscape of healthcare.


Problem ­– With an ever-growing list of therapies, interventions, and care approaches, payers are increasingly discerning about what they will reimburse.


Solution ­– Our robust, tokenized database features outstanding continuous enrollment to power accurate cost-effectiveness studies to help you demonstrate value in terms of outcomes and downstream costs.


Problem ­– The growing number of treatment options for any condition makes it difficult to understand the complex care journeys of patients and identify their unmet needs.


Solution ­– Our vast database of closed medical and prescription claims can help you understand the various journeys patients take and identify opportunities to improve outcomes.


Problem ­– Our database combines strong continuous enrollment with nationwide provider information to help you identify health systems and providers with potentially protocol-eligible patients.


Solution ­– Our database combines strong continuous enrollment with nationwide provider information to help you identify health systems and providers with potentially protocol-eligible patients.


Problem ­– Real-world outcomes are as important as those recorded in randomized control trials, but it’s difficult to identify patients and collect reliable real-world data about them.


Solution ­– Our closed-claims database reflects strong continuous enrollment and is tokenized, so your HEOR researchers can easily evaluate real-world outcomes of a prospectively identified patient population..

Whether you need to conduct a study on a defined patient population, follow patients over time, or study the economic results of a treatment, you need a large, trusted, and high-quality closed-claims database with strong continuous enrollment.

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