Mission Statement

At BHI, our mission is to empower healthcare organizations to improve quality, reduce costs, optimize performance, and drive innovation through trusted data and analytics. We achieve this by leveraging the largest comparative claims database available, along with innovative models and analytic tools, to collaborate with our customers and drive their success.

What We Do

As a data analytics and software-as-a-service company, we specialize in turning healthcare data into value-driven insights that drive results. With our extensive experience and expertise, we assist our clients in leveraging data insights to inform their strategies, ultimately improving healthcare outcomes and driving efficiencies. By utilizing our comprehensive claims database and advanced analytic tools, we enable our customers to make informed decisions and achieve tangible outcomes.

Who We Are

BHI is comprised of a diverse and dedicated team of highly focused and passionate healthcare and technology experts. Our professionals have invested years in solving the complex problem of transforming healthcare data into actionable insights. Founded by the BCBS Association and 17 Blue plans, we serve both Blue and non-Blue organizations across the healthcare continuum. Our stability, value, and leadership have supported our growth and positioned us for continued success.

Why Partner with Us

We unveil transformative insights that allow you to make informed decisions and drive positive change. Whether you need comprehensive data, powerful analytics, healthcare and benchmarking solutions, or specialized consulting, BHI will help take your organization to the next level.