Transparency Analytics

Gain greater insights into

 competitive pricing positions 

Comprehensive and Clear Price Transparency

Get a competitive advantage.

Federal Transparency in Coverage rules offer Blue Plans an opportunity to tap into publicly available machine-readable files (MRFs) containing pricing data for covered items and services based on in-network negotiated payment rates and historical out-of-network allowed amounts. With billions of price records currently available, making sense of these files is no easy task. Our Transparency Analytics work on your behalf to take the noise of out enormous MRF data.

We designed Transparency Analytics to empower your team with self-serve views that reveal pricing intelligence that can improve your market position. Our team examines claims utilization data sourced from BHI’s National Data Repository, the largest commercial healthcare data repository in the U.S., and relevant provider information, service groupings, and volume data. This enables more precise weighting and analysis to accurately compare your pricing and networks to others.

Transparency Analytics Reveals:

Which providers offer competitors different pricing.
How pricing varies among competitors based on your home Plan claims mix.
Which employer groups are most at risk based on competitor pricing.
How your Plan can develop group client acquisition and retention strategies in a competitive selling season.
How pricing and network products compare to competitors across individual and group markets.
Clearer Visibility into Negotiated Rates

Transparency Analytics is designed to accommodate your specific business needs. Our powerful platform ingests and aggregates hundreds of terabytes of competitive plan data from across the U.S. and evaluates it for quality, completeness, and accuracy across multiple dimensions, assessing it for conformance to a rich suite of data quality rules via our data quality monitoring layer. By freeing data of discrepancies that can make MRFs difficult to consume, we reduce unnecessary records and work by more than 99%.

Learn How Your Team Can:

Drive market and prospect analyses and inform market strategies with simple views of competitive MRF data.
Accelerate sales and marketing insights with self-service reporting, filtering, and sorting capabilities.
Assess competitor pricing and support sales proposals with competitor views integrated with your Plan’s data.
Identify competitive pricing at a group level to drive acquisition and retention strategies.

Not Sure Where to Start?

BHI’s Transparency Analytics offering is highly flexible. Our experience in handling and deriving insights from MRFs, in addition to our deep industry expertise, uniquely positions us as a partner of choice for Plans. Tell us your transparency analytics needs and our expert analytic consultants will guide you down the right path.  

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