CHICAGO (November 3, 2021) – Healthcare stakeholders that are seeking to improve competitiveness, reduce costs, and close performance gaps can take advantage of two benchmarking resources developed by Blue Health Intelligence® (BHI®): the Whyzen® National Benchmark Module (NBM) and the Customized Benchmarking Data solution.

The NBM is an easy-to-use, standalone application that allows clients to visualize and analyze cost, quality, and utilization benchmarks at the account, plan, and national level. It draws from one of the nation’s largest commercial claims databases to benchmark everything from lines of business, insurance products, funding arrangements to members’ underlying conditions, comorbidities, and circumstances.

A large health plan uses the NBM to help its large and mid-market accounts understand cost and utilization patterns and make more data-driven decisions. Its customers continuously need more data to understand performance variations at the regional, state, or site level.

“We’re able to bring this huge national data set to life and generate reports that reveal everything from pandemic impacts compared to national norms, pockets of high-cost claims, or where ED utilization may be higher so that they can engage members about care management or promote telemedicine,” said the director of the plan’s employer consulting and reporting team. “By imparting information and solutions that address customers’ specific needs, we are viewed as more of a strategic partner.”

BHI also offers custom benchmarking services by supplementing data for clients who need more or specific types of claims to produce meaningful insights. Clients can extract national, cleansed, and conformed medical, pharmacy, and eligibility data from BHI to help shape their analysis. Data analysts are on-hand to provide consulting support to ensure the assessment meets users’ needs.

Another large health plan implemented a cost-of-care program to address rising costs, utilization patterns, and quality of care resources. It needed regional, divisional, and custom cohort benchmark comparatives that were normalized to member demographics and risk profiles. BHI delivered raw data and various risk adjustment analytics that allowed plan leaders to arrive at actionable, statistically significant findings to help provider networks meet performance thresholds set in their contracts.

“Both benchmarking solutions transform data into intelligence that drive improvement,” said Swati Abbott, BHI’s CEO. “BHI can augment this data with risk adjustment and clinical and financial models to identify trend drivers and opportunities to reduce costs.”

About Blue Health Intelligence

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