Analytics Tool Drives Users to Most Valuable Healthcare Insights

CHICAGO (October 12, 2021) – Blue Health Intelligence® (BHI®) recently infused guided analytic pathways and a more intuitive interface into its cutting-edge employer analytics and reporting solution, Whyzen® Analytics, to enable healthcare stakeholders to quickly sort through vast healthcare data and identify key cost savings and care improvement opportunities.

“These updates to the Whyzen platform will really help our users focus their time most efficiently and effectively on activities that add value to their business — finding areas of actionable cost savings and quality improvements, predicting cost and use trends, and identifying emerging clinical and provider opportunities,” said Swati Abbott, BHI’s CEO.

Other improvements include an enriched portfolio of interactive reports, a revised folder structure that organizes reports more intuitively, an enhanced landing page, and new measures that permit users to view and analyze their data in more dynamic ways. The updated platform also includes Whyzen Advisor, a mobile-enabled speech recognition functionality that allows users to speak their requests and Whyzen Analytics will guide them to relevant KPIs, reports, or dashboards.

Now, for example, when a user encounters the enhanced landing page – which is completely interactive with built-in navigation – they find an interface that invites them to the next most intuitive step along any one of several analytic pathways, which could be addictive medication reports, COVID-19 analytics, specialty drug utilization, and more. These pathways quickly guide users to insights that inform decisions, invite further inquiry, and facilitate collaboration with team members.

The software-as-a-service solution provides health plans, employers, and benefits brokers a holistic view of medical, dental, vision, pharmacy claims – and SDOH and race, ethnicity, and language factors – all in one environment. As a result, stakeholders can identify hidden utilization and cost patterns, emerging trends, uncover and improve quality drivers, and track performance against KPIs.

Additionally, the Whyzen platform can drill down into specific members’ data, revealing high-risk individuals who may benefit from care management interventions to avoid complex and expensive treatment.

Using the tool, users also can harness BHI’s national data set of more than 217 million lives and 22 billion claims to benchmark performance demographically, geographically, or by other parameters. To refine benefit strategies, they can also apply BHI’s predictive analytics and risk modeling resources to reliably predict employees’ healthcare risks, costs, and utilization.

“This is a leap forward for employer reporting,” said Mary Henderson, executive vice president of Sales and Product Innovation at BHI. “The new release of Whyzen Analytics is a culmination of customer and market demands, enabled by BHI’s years of healthcare analytics experience and industry knowledge. The result is a solution that is inviting, agile, and powerful.”

About Blue Health Intelligence

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