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Blue Health Intelligence (BHI) accesses the industry's largest and most comprehensive, conformed healthcare database of integrated medical and pharmacy claims. As a result, BHI is a valuable resource for virtually any entity committed to high-quality healthcare coverage and services in America.

All data used for BHI analytics undergoes four levels of certification, including an independent third-party actuarial review, to ensure the strongest foundation of statistically reliable data.

BHI builds exceptional predictive models, supporting care management, identifying at-risk patients and determining appropriate levels of care and effective disease management programs. BHI's predictive analytics capabilities can even identify patient risk factors for rare conditions that have eluded other organizations, allowing clients to proactively address those factors. Just as exciting, these actionable insights ultimately help raise quality standards and manage rising healthcare costs.

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Message from our CEO

At a time of unprecedented complexity and changes in health care, Blue Health Intelligence® (BHI®) is dedicated to helping stakeholders make the right strategic decisions based on the best data and the most actionable analytics. With excessive U.S. healthcare spending and quality of care uneven and inaccessible to many, BHI is laser-focused on ferreting out wasteful care, and highlighting the providers and processes that improve care delivery and outcomes.

In addition to having the largest repository of commercial claims, BHI will soon gain access to Medicare data, allowing us to document, analyze, and recommend solutions to challenges that are based on records of nearly half the U.S. population. We will learn where, when, and how care is most cost-effectively delivered and by whom. Through predictive analytics, we can identify patients who may be likely to develop high-cost conditions, allowing providers to intervene sooner. And we can better analyze the social determinants of health that contribute to unequal access to quality care.

Data is necessary. Analytics are invaluable. In the end, though, it is what we do with this information that matters most.

Swati Abbott
President and CEO
Blue Health Intelligence


Swati Abbott

Chief Executive Officer

Alan Spiro

SVP, Strategy & Growth, Chief Medical Officer

Deb Pearson

VP, Human Resources & Operations

David King

VP, Information Technology

Charles Allison

VP, Finance

Garret Hargrave

VP and General Counsel


Board of Managers

Swati Abbott
Curtis Barnett
Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield
Dow Briggs, M.D.
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama
Patrick Getzen
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina
Tricia Keith

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan

Robert Kolodgy
Blue Cross Blue Shield Association

Carl McDonald

Health Care Service Corporation
Brian Pieninck
CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield
Deborah L. Rice-Johnson
Highmark Health Plan, Highmark Inc.