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America's broadest, deepest pool of health knowledge

Blue Health Intelligence (BHI) accesses the industry's largest and most comprehensive, conformed healthcare database of integrated medical and pharmacy claims. As a result, BHI is a valuable resource for virtually any entity committed to high-quality healthcare coverage and services in America.

All data used for BHI analytics undergoes four levels of certification, including an independent third-party actuarial review, ensuring the strongest foundation of statistically reliable data.

BHI builds exceptional predictive models, supporting care management, identifying at-risk patients and determining appropriate levels of care and effective disease management programs. BHI's predictive analytics capabilities can even identify patient risk factors for rare conditions that have eluded other organizations, allowing clients to proactively address those factors. Just as exciting, these actionable insights ultimately help raise quality standards and manage rising healthcare costs.

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Our leadership

Our Corporate Leadership team and Board of Managers include many of the most highly respected leaders and innovators in the fields of healthcare analytics, information technology solutions, research, and data warehousing and integration. Their wealth of expertise is helping to create unlimited possibilities for the entire healthcare arena.

Corporate leadership

photo of Swati Abbott

Swati Abbott

Chief Executive Officer

photo of Alan Spiro

Alan Spiro

Senior VP, Strategy & Growth, Chief Medical Officer

photo of Mary Henderson

Mary Henderson

Senior VP, Product Strategy and Innovation

photo of Maria Ferrera

Maria Ferrera

Vice President, Consulting and Informatics

photo of Deb Pearson

Deb Pearson

Vice President, Human Resources & Operations

photo of David King

David King

Vice President, Information Technology & Data Management

photo of Charles Allison

Charles Allison

Vice President, Finance

photo of Garret Hargrave

Garret Hargrave

Vice President and General Counsel

Board of Managers