Whyzen Boost Your Skills

In Webinars by BHI

Mary Henderson, Patte Knuth, Penny Monical, and Donna Chessey – all of Blue Health Intelligence® – demonstrate features of Whyzen Analytics, BHI’s account analytics and reporting solution for health plans, employers, and brokers. This session’s deeper dives include tutorials of:

  • Duplicating a Sheet – How to customize a sheet while preserving the original analysis
  • Using Whyzen’s Associative Data Model – How Whyzen integrates and makes available different types of claims data (e.g., medical, dental, vision) for comprehensive inquiries
  • Creating Content – How to build a sheet from scratch to suit your business needs
  • Using Smart Search Functionality – A look at Whyzen’s powerful search capabilities
  • Understanding Pivot Tables – An overview of the functional benefits and use of pivot tables