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  • A faster and more intuitive interface
  • Guided analytic pathways that quickly get you to the data you need
  • Predictive analytics that accurately forecast changes in costs and utilization
  • Actionable recommendations delivered in plain English

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“BHI's associative data model shows relationships between data sets and domains that we never knew existed.”
David Cates, Director Strategic Alliances, Blue Shield of California

Whyzen® Analytics gives you unrivaled healthcare intelligence

More Robust Cost Savings – The solution leverages the power of AI to identify hidden data patterns and emerging trends, uncovering new cost savings opportunities to share with customers.

Better Benchmarking – With our National Benchmarking Module, you gain exclusive access to the BHI National Data Repository, the nation’s largest conformed claims database. It provides you with the richest regional, industry, and demographic comparisons in the market.

Speed to Insight – Powerful, intuitive, and fast, the platform’s centralized landing page and graphically rich reporting quickly provide a comprehensive or detailed view of performance. This frees up your time to develop customer-centric solutions.

Targeted Analysis – Whyzen Analytics sorts through vast healthcare data to reveal essential actions you can take to facilitate the strongest ROI.

Speed to Market – Our deep healthcare market knowledge allows you to respond quickly to customer needs. You benefit from faster customization, faster implementation, and better alignment with your customers’ needs. Recent timely enhancements include actionable insights on COVID-19, deferred care, drugs with high potential for abuse, SDOH factors, and race, ethnicity, and language data.


Whyzen® Analytics' reports, graphics, and intuitive user interface make data come alive

Next-generation graphics help you see the whole picture. Not just the what, but the why.
Whyzen Report Sample
Whyzen Analytics Reports
“Through its capabilities and nimbleness, BHI was a great collaborator in bringing this project in on time and as requested, without any disruptions to the client.”


Analytics-based reporting solution takes the fast track to deployment
After years of attempts to replace a legacy reporting system for their agents and brokers, a large Midwestern health plan utilized the capabilities of Whyzen Analytics to implement a state-of-the-art reporting system for this key set of customers.
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Whyzen® Analytics makes health plans smarter

Holistic Understanding
of Data

Whyzen Analytics' associative data model integrates your data, making it all available at once.

Scalable and Customizable Functionality

Whyzen Analytics has the scalability to produce tens of thousands of reports monthly.


Guided analytics quickly pinpoint member-
or population-level trends for deeper insight.


Whyzen Analytics allows you to compare cost and utilization against national, regional, and industry norms.


Our tools allow you to reliably forecast future risks, costs, and utilization.

Automated Smart Text Generation

Whyzen Wryter offers actionable recommendations in plain English.

“Whyzen Analytics is helping us really see the big picture. Not just how much we are spending, but how well we are spending it. The platform gives us a whole new level of sophistication in a very user-friendly manner.”
Chief Healthcare Analytics Officer, Independent Health Plan

Whyzen® Analytics webinars

Blue Health Intelligence® executives demonstrate some of the most powerful features of Whyzen Analytics - our account analytics and reporting solution for health plans, employers, and brokers.

November 2022 Highlights

  • Auto-Sync
  • Variance table extension
  • New dashboards – pharmacy, maternity, networks/HPNs
  • Container charts

August 2022 Highlights

  • Ranking measures within a table
  • Data visualization — Box plots
  • Linking KPIs in dashboards to dedicated sheets

May 2022 Highlights

  • COVID-19 at-home test modeler
  • Update on the enhanced release of Whyzen Analytics
  • New sheets — Net Trend/Variance

January 2022 Highlights

  • Selection criteria – The ability to import user-generated criteria into analyses
  • Color palettes – A broader set of design options for customizing reports
  • COVID-19 reporting – An update on how accounts are addressing the impact of the pandemic

October 2021 Highlights

  • Next-generation landing page
  • Data visualization: grid charts
  • Enhancements to community features

July 2021 Highlights

  • New landing page: a reimagined dashboard and quicker access to
    key data
  • Data visualizations: gauge charts, quadrant charts
  • Storytelling: sharing multi-step analysis

April 2021 Highlights

  • Custom communities enhancements
  • Design mode: a faster way to edit charts
  • Data visualizations: trend tables, box plots

February 2021 Highlights

  • Fundamentals of data visualization
  • Applying the fundamentals
  • Graphic features of the new release