A powerful and flexible performance benchmarking tool for Blues plans

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Quickly identify data patterns and trends to help improve plan performance

Take comparative analysis beyond percentage changes to PMPM trends

Gain valuable insights that lead to cost-saving recommendations

Quickly uncover cost-saving opportunities

Easily measure your plan’s performance against a variety of benchmark norms, including other plans in the region, national averages, and even drill down to the individual healthcare coding details.

  • Access crucial information about factors driving utilization, procedure costs, demographics, risk, age distribution, treatment, episodes, admissions, procedure codes, drug names, revenue codes, and more
  • Risk adjust the benchmark norms for an “apples-to-apples” comparison

Dig into the service-category comparison to isolate cost culprits

Intuitive dashboard reveals insights by site of service, relationship to benchmarks

  • Measure across multiple timeframes
  • Report categories—inpatient / outpatient, professional / other, Rx, and clinical episodes
  • Identify key metrics—PMPM and cost and utilization variances
  • Report rate per 1000, allowed PMPM, and average costs per service

If you’re only looking at your own data year over year, it will always look the same. Benchmarking against other plans gives you a better idea of how to gauge your performance, and that’s where BHI comes in.

Chris Macrander, Lead Health Data Analyst, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska

Use trend detail reports to dig deeper and identify the root cause behind a cost gap

Trend Detail Reports reveal solutions through metrics such as:

  • Top 10 fastest-growing costs
  • Complete clinical episode comparisons
  • Utilization patterns across all sites of care
  • Comparison of members’ clinical patterns to national trends