Trend Insyghts

Compare your plan’s performance against marketplace benchmarks to quickly uncover cost-saving opportunities.

Powerful and flexible performance benchmarking

Trend Insyghts leverages the largest U.S. healthcare claims repository. Providing risk-adjusted benchmarks and access to your plan’s clinical and financial information, you gain critical insights about performance.

See if your PMPM costs are compatible with peers

With Trend Insyghts, you can easily measure your plan’s performance against a variety of benchmark norms, including other plans in the region, national averages, and even specific programs or subsets of data. Quickly uncover cost-saving opportunities.

Integrated Exploration Chart

Dig into the service category comparison to identify the specific areas that may be driving costs.

Gain in-depth comparison insights using the Trend Insyghts dashboard.

  • Measure across multiple timeframes
  • Report categories—inpatient / outpatient, professional / other, Rx, and clinical episodes
  • Identify key metrics—PMPM and cost and utilization variances
  • Report rate per 1000, allowed PMPM, and average costs per service
Benchmark Report

Dig even deeper to identify the root cause driving the cost gap

With Trend Detail reports, discover solutions by comparing metrics like:

  • Top 10 drivers for cost or utilization
  • Top 10 fastest growing costs
  • Utilization patterns across all sites of care
  • Complete clinical episode comparisons
  • Comparison of members’ clinical patterns to national episodic trends
Identify and Target Opportunities

Key benefits

Flexible and intuitive, Trend Insyghts gives you the ability to take comparative analysis beyond percentage changes to PMPM trends.

Quickly notice patterns and trends in the data that can improve performance

Gain valuable insights on how to make cost-saving recommend­ations

Access meaningful information about factors driving utilization, procedure costs, demographics, risk, age distribution, treatment, episodes, admissions, procedure codes, drug names, revenue codes, and more.

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