New Year, New Numbers: Blue Health Intelligence Accelerates Analytic Insights from its Ever-expanding Data Set to Improve Health Outcomes

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CHICAGO (Dec. 29, 2020) – As the New Year brings hope for mass immunization and a return to some semblance of normal life, Blue Health Intelligence® (BHI®) looks to leverage its growing database of commercial medical and pharmacy claims, access to Medicare data, new partnerships, and rapidly expanding analytics capabilities to help the industry transition to a post-COVID future. 

As we head into 2021, BHI will continue its 16-year run of growing its longitudinal database, already the most robust, conformed, and up-to-date source of truth in healthcare. Soon the BHI National Data Repository will reflect the care experiences of 217 million unique health plan members. It also will contain de-identified claims from 22.6 billion encounters, an increase of 11.3% from the previous year. Of those, 15.9 billion are professional claims, 5.4 billion are pharmacy claims, and 1.14 billion are facility claims.

As a Centers for Medicare & Medicaid-designated Qualified Entity, BHI can combine fee-for-service information for beneficiaries from all 50 states and the District of Columbia with its commercial data. The resulting analytics provide a more complete understanding of provider cost and quality for all stakeholders, and macro and micro trends for various population cohorts.

“Data of this scale and quality is impressive, but it is of little use without descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics,” said BHI’s CEO Swati Abbott. “In 2021, we will continue to focus on strengthening our broad spectrum of analytics capabilities, and applying these tools to conduct research, and work with our clients across the continuum of care.”

BHI is excited to use its expanding database of healthcare claims to:

  • Bring richer account-level analytics and benchmarks to its Whyzen Analytics partners as they further explore the risk of adverse outcomes from COVID-19.
  • Offer healthcare stakeholders the chance to link BHI’s data and analytics with data from other HIPAA-complaint, de-identified data sources using Datavant’s privacy-protecting connectivity technology to design better interventions that improve health outcomes.
  • Apply its new approach to risk identification and stratification, which leverages causal artificial intelligence to more accurately identify individuals who could benefit from care interventions to improve both healthcare costs and outcomes.
  • Use the company’s proprietary Episode of Care Grouper, which uniquely includes both procedures and conditions in a fully transparent manner to support network assessment, provider scorecards, and value-based contracting arrangements.

About Blue Health Intelligence
Blue Health Intelligence® (BHI®) delivers insights that empower healthcare organizations to improve care, reduce costs, and optimize performance. BHI’s team of data analysts, clinicians, IT experts, and epidemiologists provide analytics, software-as-a-service, and in-depth consulting to payers, providers, employers, medical device companies, and other healthcare stakeholders. BHI is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association and carries the trade name of Health Intelligence Company, LLC.


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