BHI's COVID-19 Analytics


Whyzen Employer Reporting and Analytics

Account-level COVID-19 discovery for health plans, employers and brokers
In these difficult times, actionable information is priceless. Reliable analytics can illuminate a path for employers, health plans, and brokers to protect their employees and businesses. Whyzen Analytics has new analytic and reporting functionality to help healthcare decision makers better allocate care management resources for targeted and impactful interventions.
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Identifying an Account’s Most At-Risk Populations

Whyzen Analytics is able to identify and locate the member populations who are most at risk of complications by:

  • Number of comorbidities
  • Condition
  • ZIP code

Users can leverage these findings to better allocate care management resources for targeted and impactful interventions.

COVID-19 Analytics- High Risk Members by Location

Identifying Conditions that Lead to Complications

COVID-19 symptoms are exacerbated by pre-existing conditions – heart conditions, lung disease, cancer, obesity, etc. Whyzen Analytics allows users to identify and locate members who are at-risk before complications develop.
COVID-19 pre-existing conditions that lead to complications

Understanding Underlying Comorbidities

Drill into specifics about each complication – its prevalence, location, cost, proximity to key business sites, etc. Whyzen Analytics is continually updated as new data emerges about the complications associated with COVID-19.
COVID-19 analytics to help understand underlying comorbidities

Visualizing Data to Make the Complex Understandable

Whyzen’s versatile reporting functionality enables the monitoring of an account’s patient populations at big-picture and granular levels.
Visual data display of COVID-19 analytics

Projecting Costs and Identifying Opportunities

Whyzen Analytics helps track trends, predict costs, and allocate resources to ensure the safety and viability of a company and its employees.
COVID-19 analytics tracks outbreaks
Let us show you how Whyzen Analytics can keep you ahead of COVID-19 with actionable data and informed, reliable recommendations.

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Mary Henderson, BHI senior vice-president of Product Development and Account Management discusses how our company is:

  • Using clinical informatics and data science to describe and predict COVID-19
  • Designing peer-reviewed studies to better understand COVID-19
  • Using our Whyzen Analytics solution to help health plans, employers, and brokers explore and address account-level risk