facilitate change, increase engagement, improve quality, and lower costs

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Our team of consultants, clinicians, data scientists, epidemiologists, business leaders and bio-statisticians has deep experience providing meaningful and realistic insights that facilitate change and engagement, improve quality, and lower costs.

Combining the nation’s largest claims data set with innovative solutions utilizing artificial intelligence, machine learning, and predictive analytics,  BHI experts uniquely solve clinical and business problems, and develop long-term strategies for:

  • Health plans, providers, and employers
  • Suppliers, such as medical device manufacturers
  • Professional service firms
  • Academics and researchers
  • Government agencies and regulatory bodies

  • Implement proprietary analytics to perform sophisticated analyses

    identifying variations and patterns within healthcare utilization

  • Evaluate the cost, quality, and efficiency performance

    of health plans, providers, and employers

  • Conduct complex and in-depth analysis

    of impactable conditions, complications, and comorbidities

  • Deploy predictive analytics and machine learning

    leveraging BHI data

  • Measure program effectiveness

    of accountable care organizations and other value-based models

  • Predict the prevalence

    of high-cost claimants, procedures, and conditions

  • Identify centers of excellence

    within healthcare organizations, networks, and systems


We use BHI because it gives us insights into best-in-class performance that we would not normally see on our own. Having local, regional, and national comparisons are a must.

Senior Vice President/Chief Marketing Officer, Mid-Sized Regional Health Plan

Connected and integrated methodologies

  • Physician Performance – cost, efficiency quality
  • Payment Innovations – value based, bundled payments
  • Clinical Decision Support – clinically meaningful units of
    care and trajectories
  • Intervention Targeting – care management, concierge care, steerage, decision support
  • Cost Reduction – opportunity to avoid unnecessary cost and high cost progression
  • Care Improvement – opportunity to improve outcomes

BHI is positioned to evaluate the cost, quality, and care efficiency of providers on a national level

  • Predict potentially avoidable events
  • Identify low-value care
  • Recommend alternative higher-value sites-of-service, physicians, and centers of excellence that have reduced unnecessary spending

Cost, resource use and price analysis for healthcare stakeholders

  • Volume of services
  • Specialty care
  • Unit price

The Single Source of Truth

To successfully deliver customized products in a scalable, repeatable, and efficient way, each SaaS solution leverages BHI's our collaborative data platform. Every character in every data file, combined with business and/or clinically driven analytics, modeling, and machine learning flows through BHI’s collaborative platform in the same way. The result – a single source of BHI data and analytical truth.