Reducing Waste and Improving Outcomes with Data

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Swati Abbott, CEO of Blue Health Intelligence, firmly believes her company can help reduce waste through the use of artificial intelligence and expert analytics. Blue Health Intelligence is a privately held healthcare analytics and intelligence company with access to the largest, most current health care data repository in the US.  It leverages data insights into innovative analytics solutions. BHI has proven … Read More

Collecting Social Determinants Data with Communication, Data Sharing

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Though the majority of the healthcare industry recognizes the impact social determinants have on overall health, collecting this data has proved challenging. Providers often feel that they don’t have the time or the resources to gather and capture this data, which can keep them from addressing the barriers that affect their patient populations. Shah discusses what some organizations are advising to help … Read More

National Summit Showcases Blue Plans’ Leading Role in Analytics

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Top LVC expenditures

The collaboration showcased in the Analytics and Informatics sessions at this year’s Blue Cross Blue Shield National Summit was amazing. It was impressive to see how BHI and the Blue Plans are working to assure that AI, machine learning, data analytics, and predictive modeling are being combined with real-world knowledge to produce meaningful solutions for payers, members, and providers. Attendees … Read More

The Latest Leading Cost Drivers in the Blue System

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Using our massive data repository and powerful analytic tools, BHI regularly examines high-level cost and utilization trends.  In the most recent dive into our big data, comprised of more than 19 billion claims from over 190 million members, three trends stood out. PMPM Costs Continue to Climb At a macro level, total commercial health plan PMPM costs rose 6.5% — … Read More

How Big Data And Machine Learning Can Predict And Prevent Isolated Cases Of Disease

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Predicting when and where disease will occur would be of great assistance to medical professionals and public health officials, who could more aggressively focus public awareness campaigns and other programs on certain populations to inhibit the development and spread of measles, or other potentially deadly viruses. In fact, the World Health Organization’s risk assessment tool has been successfully used to … Read More

The High Potential of VR/AR Technologies

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There is a tremendous opportunity for VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) solutions to help healthcare providers unlock the value of vast amounts of health data that have never been used to their full potential. By leveraging this trove of information, organizations will have opportunities to significantly reduce costs and provide higher-quality patient care. Technology companies are racing to … Read More

How Technology Can Help Seniors Live Better

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Health technology

Once thought of as technophobes, seniors today have their own reasons for embracing today’s technologies. Sure, they want to stay in touch with loved ones like other, younger demographics, but they are also finding out that smart devices, smart apps, and smart homes can help them to stay in their homes longer while offering their loved ones more peace of … Read More

Real-world data and adverse events

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In many contexts, adverse events are identified, with good reason, for the purpose of identifying errors or where processes can be improved. But as a result, some adverse events may be excluded from those counts because they are “clinically expected” given patient comorbidities and other issues. BHI’s attempt to paint a ‘real-world’ picture of ‘what went wrong’, by limiting exclusions … Read More

Getting to the Root of High-Cost Claimants

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Among regional health plans, a recent Blue Health Intelligence (BHI) analysis found that the number of very high-cost claimants (HCCs) — members with more than $500,000 in annual claims — has nearly doubled over the last five years. Previous research shows that specialty pharmacy is a major factor in this growth. However, out-of-area claims are not a large factor in this growth.   … Read More

Stop the Bleeding: Two Ways Health Plans Can Save Money and Improve Care

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Unnecessary care that provides little to no clinical benefit, and services performed in high-priced or inappropriate settings are costing health plans billions each year. Eliminating Unnecessary Care To determine the extent of unwarranted tests, prescriptions, and procedures being delivered within health plans, data scientists from Blue Health Intelligence® (BHI®) examined claims from more than 39 million eligible members. Of the … Read More