Healthcare options

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In this guest post featured on, BHI’s Sanket Shah provides a firsthand account of how following physician instructions can sometimes fail to account for lower-cost treatment settings. He explains the costly lesson of getting x-rays and CT scans in numerous locales after an ankle injury, and how the higher costs he experienced might have been avoided. His personal experience …

Achieving Equity in Healthcare Modeling

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As the pandemic has made painfully clear, healthcare utilization and cost do not always indicate true healthcare needs. People of color are contracting the novel coronavirus and dying at rates that are staggeringly out of line with their share of the U.S. populace. Recent social injustice events in the U.S. have heightened industrywide discussion of healthcare equity. BHI’s data scientists …

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Top 10 “Must Haves” for Effective Predictive Modeling

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BHI® developed a top 10 list of significant factors that contribute to successful predictive modeling based on our deep experience working with really big data.Answering the “so what” question before you startNo matter how interesting your model’s output might be, if the analysis isn’t actionable, it won’t get used.Using massive databasesMassive databases ensure that large enough cohorts, with multiple diseases …