Top Five Ways COVID-19 has Changed Employers’ Approach to Health Benefits

Mary Henderson, senior vice president, Product Management and Business InnovationBlog

After more than a year of dealing with the ramifications of COVID-19, employers anticipate feeling the impact of the pandemic for years to come. The past 14 months have changed our interactions with and our assumptions about work. They’ve also changed what employers and employees expect of each other. Additionally, COVID-19 has surfaced some truths about the way employers approach … Read More

Advisory Council Explores COVID-19’s Impact on Commercial Health Insurance Coverage


No Sudden COVID-Related Loss of Employer-Based Insurance, Research Shows

BHI’s Advisory Council members kicked off their research projects this year and in one COVID-19-focused effort, found that research often adds value through counterintuitive findings. BHI Advisory Council members Michael Chernew, PhD, of Harvard University and Vivian Ho, PhD, of Rice University have been looking specifically at COVID’s impact on Blue health insurance disenrollment rates and how the pandemic has … Read More

Transparent, Meaningful Physician Performance Metrics


Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana partners with BHI on provider reporting.

Last year, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana (BCBSLA) set out to share actionable, credible, and accurate cost and quality reports with providers. BHI has been partnering with the Plan since March 2020 to design and implement such reports for practitioners in BCBSLA’s Specialty Care Insights program. In delivering enhanced “Provider Index” reports, BCBSLA utilizes BHI’s proprietary Episode of … Read More

Care Analytics News profiles BHI’s Dr. Russ Robbins


“When I left private practice, there was no way to learn other than on the job,” Robbins says. “Now, there are many good healthcare informatics programs. I tell younger colleagues to have some experience of clinical medicine before going into the business side. My knowledge of direct patient care has helped me understand the data and what is or isn’t … Read More

Bringing Women Back to Breast Cancer Screening, Safely and Seamlessly


A year ago, Thrive Earlier Detection (Thrive) won the BlueCross BlueShield Data Innovation Challenge. Healthbox, a HIMSS solution company, collaborated with the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association and Blue Health Intelligence® (BHI®) to implement that contest. As oncologists gather this week for the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium (SABCS), Healthbox shares recent independent insights from Thrive about breast cancer screening and … Read More

Wearables at work and privacy concerns


BHI’s senior vice president of product management and business development, Mary Henderson, is quoted in a recent BBC Worklife article on the rise of employee health tracking via wearable devices. BBC’s full Q&A with Henderson and Sanket Shah, BHI’s assistant vice president for account management, is featured below. BBC Worklife: We’ve seen interest from various corporations (particularly in the U.S.) … Read More

Healthcare options

Sanket ShahBlog

In this guest post featured on, BHI’s Sanket Shah provides a firsthand account of how following physician instructions can sometimes fail to account for lower-cost treatment settings. He explains the costly lesson of getting x-rays and CT scans in numerous locales after an ankle injury, and how the higher costs he experienced might have been avoided. His personal experience … Read More