Deb Pearson

Bob Darin

Chief Executive Officer

Bob Darin leads Blue Health Intelligence’s® (BHI®) efforts to leverage the healthcare industry’s most comprehensive data assets to drive improvements in health outcomes and advance value-based care. Darin is a national expert in the application of analytics and data at scale to unlock value in healthcare. His background includes innovative leadership in managed care, pharmacy and pharmacy benefits management, hospitals, life sciences, and real-world evidence.  He has developed and deployed end-to-end data and analytics strategies that have resulted in improved patient outcomes, reduced hospitalizations, and cost for high risk/high need patients, lowering out of pocket costs to patients, and increasing transparency for patients, payors, and physicians. Darin has also led multiple initiatives to reduce inequities in healthcare by identifying and eliminating bias in advanced analytics/AI algorithms.

Before joining BHI in 2022, Darin spent nine years as Senior Vice President at CVS Health and held positions of Chief Analytics Officer and Chief Data Officer.  He also has held executive positions at Cardinal Health, Bupa/ Health Dialog, and HealthBenchmarks, Inc. (now part of IQVIA), and he began his healthcare career at Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.

Darin holds an honors Master of Business Administration degree in analytic finance from the University of Chicago, Graduate School of Business, and received a magna cum laude degree in economics from Harvard College.