Blue Health Intelligence (BHI) Launches Whyzen Analytics, the Next Generation Enterprise Analytics and Account Reporting Solution

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Built for health plans and their customers and partners, BHI’s Whyzen Analytics platform enables fast and complete implementation and provides comprehensive data integration, best- in-class benchmarking, and state-of-the-art technology.

Chicago, IL (June 7, 2017)—Blue Health Intelligence (BHI) developed Whyzen Analytics as an interactive analytics and reporting platform for today’s evolving and competitive healthcare environment.

“Speed-to-market is critical with increasingly demanding business needs,” said Swati Abbott, CEO, Blue Health Intelligence. “Intelligent healthcare analytics is also essential to integrating and securing data. Whyzen is a robust enterprise analytics and account reporting solution that uses an associative data model to tell a more complete story. Actionable insights that comprehensively answers today’s business needs can help organizations differentiate their products and services.”

With Whyzen, health plans can take a more consultative approach. They gain an on- demand and seamless solution with access to plan-based analytics that quickly uncovers hidden insights in the data informing business decisions.

“Whyzen was specifically designed for health plans and their group customers to provide users at all levels access to meaningful information,” said Mary Henderson, Senior Vice President, Product Strategy & Innovation, Blue Health Intelligence. “We developed Whyzen to deliver real- time results that respond to health plans’ business goals and today’s market demands. Creating efficiencies around analytics and reporting was our purpose from the beginning so health plans have information that better informs their customers.”

Whyzen is an advanced and flexible analytic solution that is intuitively simple and visually driven. It provides a complete picture with immediate visibility of key costs and utilization metrics. Whyzen also promotes collaboration. For health plans and their customers and partners, it provides instant intelligence to spot outliers and track variations from benchmarks over time with at-a-glance views of cost, quality, and utilization key performance indicators with executive dashboards.

Whyzen offers an easy-to-use interface for state-of-the-art healthcare analytics and reporting that’s accessible anytime, from anywhere—through any browser, tablet, or smartphone. It was designed to provide analytics for everyone, giving analysts, executives, and account managers the capability to:

  • Quickly run multiple “what-if” scenarios with interactive dashboards to see how certain variables influence the analytic outcome. Simply hover over the desired data to drill into, select it, and get detailed information immediately.
  • Utilize guided analytics storyboards that provide automated visualizations, which focus on prevalent conditions affecting the population, and give a full analysis of the costs, complications, and impact.
  • Access to integrated data sources, including employer, provider, and health plan programs that target all product lines, such as commercial and government, using industry standard methods.

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