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It all starts with powerful data

Big data analytics can provide health plans, providers, employers, medical device makers, and other healthcare stakeholders with health system strategies, market analyses, comparative effectiveness reviews, cost and quality assessments, benchmarking, value-based care readiness assessments, and much more. Our database of more than 190+ million unique patients’ medical and pharmaceutical claims is more accurate, extensive, and timely than any other.

Unmatched comprehensiveness

Data coverage for all settings of care and every 3-digit ZIP code in the U.S.

Data uniformity and consistency

All BHI data contributors utilize a common data model, formats, and definitions

Quality and integrity

Data used for BHI analytics undergoes four levels of certification, including an independent external actuarial review

Most current data

Uniquely, it includes commercially insured as well as Medicare-covered individuals and is refreshed every 30 days

Continuity of patient/ member eligibility

A three-year study can count on the highest industry rate of continuous enrollment from the original index date

Analytic flexibility

Analysis groups can be defined by many dimensions such as diagnoses, procedures, prescriptions, SIC, age bands, geographic regions, and product types

Shift from information to action using BHI's big data to deliver insights that address cost, access and quality challenges.


Many healthcare stakeholders are unaware of how their expenses, utilization, and outcomes compare to their peers. With new care delivery programs such as accountable care organizations and bundled payment arrangements, we offer valuable competitive intelligence to clients in the form of:

  • Market-level benchmarks, such as by ZIP code
  • Cohort benchmarks, such as similar national centers of excellence or academic medical centers

Reducing variations in care

Using BHI claims data, health systems can identify and reduce care variations within:

  • Facilities within an overall system
  • Service lines
  • Procedure types within service lines
  • Episode components (during procedures or post-acute care)

Adding value at all phases of medical device development

Healthcare stakeholders, including regulatory bodies, payers, and providers, are demanding real-world evidence of efficacy. On the internal side, costs are increasing due to rising clinical trial expenses and the need to better align sales resources to market demands.

Use BHI data to:

  • Demonstrate the real-world cost-benefit of your product for specific patient cohorts, longitudinally, to support value-based contracting arrangements
  • Help government and commercial payers see the value associated with covering your products
  • Support post-market surveillance
  • Identify underserved market opportunities and better align company resources to meet market demands

single source of truth

BHI’s common data platform contains information from more than 19 billion healthcare claims, all submitted in a uniform way to maintain data integrity and eliminate bias in decision-making. Our analytic products, proprietary methodologies, and experienced consultants all leverage this single source of truth to help healthcare organizations optimize performance, improve quality, and lower costs. At BHI, there are no black boxes; our clients understand exactly how we use data to uncover insights and recommend actions.