BHI CEO Swati Abbott Speaks on Outcomes Rocket Podcast About Leveraging Patterns in HealthCare Data to Improve Outcomes and Lower Costs


CHICAGO (September 16, 2019) – Blue Health Intelligence® (BHI®) CEO Swati Abbott is the guest on the Outcomes Rocket podcast, which began streaming today on the iTunes, Google Play, Libsyn, and SoundCloud apps. Outcomes Rocket is a peer network of medical industry leaders and influencers who share healthcare insights with hospital executives, physicians, and entrepreneurs from the vendor community.

On the episode, “Reducing Healthcare Waste and Cost,” Abbott discusses how BHI can assess utilization and cost patterns in healthcare data to reveal performance improvement opportunities. With the U.S. spending the most per capita on healthcare while quality lags, it is essential to look at descriptive and predictive analytics to determine where inroads can be made.

“This has to be top of mind for all healthcare leaders,” Abbott told Saul Marquez, host of the podcast. “Our goal at BHI is to help improve the care for every individual and contain costs.”

One of the causes of the quality gap in U.S. healthcare is how much of spending goes toward low-value care, where unnecessary tests and procedures are performed. In some cases, these services can put patients at risk. For example, scheduling a joint replacement surgery for a patient with osteoarthritis prior to trying physical therapy, which data shows is often more effective at a fraction of the cost.

“If we can address the eight to 10 most expensive low-value procedures, the dollars you can save are staggering,” Abbott said.

BHI’s National Data Repository, the largest in the nation, provides Blue Plans and other insurers and providers with comparative cost data. Leveraging this information and its benchmarking analytics, BHI helped a large Midwestern health plan learn it was spending twice as much as its peers for a simple colonoscopy.

“We dug in and we found that they didn’t have a policy in place that directed patients to an outpatient surgical center for the procedures, which costs less than half in this setting than at a hospital,” she said.

Finally, Abbott discussed how BHI is working with Blue Plans and their large employer clients to save money by steering their members to higher-quality and cost-effective providers.

“Our job is to shine a light on these issues and opportunities,” Abbott said. “It helps our customers focus on the things they should be that are specific to their business.”

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