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Meet the future head on, today.

As sweeping healthcare reform and legislative mandates loom, BHI offers endless opportunities for a wide range of healthcare-related product and service providers—from hospital systems and physicians to pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers, and from research and academic organizations to governmental agencies—to find answers and innovative strategies that will benefit not only their own businesses, but the health and welfare of consumers as well.

At the heart of the matter is our comprehensive national longitudinal database, comprised of membership, medical claims and pharmacy claims, covering 165 million unique members from 2005 to present.

This unparalleled information repository, combined with our expertise in data integration and analytics, is providing revolutionary approaches proven to enhance the quality, efficiency and outcomes of healthcare in America by virtue of its:

Unmatched comprehensiveness
The database includes contributions from Blue Cross and Blue Shield (BCBS) companies and covers every three-digit zip code in the U.S. 

Superior data uniformity and quality

Contributors all use a standardized data model, formats and definitions  to ensure data consistency, and all data undergoes four levels of certification, including an independent external actuarial review, to ensure the highest level of data integrity.

Unparalleled windows of continuity
Additionally, this database offers the highest continuity of patient and member eligibility, by far. A three-year study can depend on 45 percent of patients with continuous enrollment from the original index date.

Outstanding range of analytic flexibility
Analysis groups can be defined by many dimensions such as diagnoses, procedures, prescriptions, SIC, age bands, geographic regions, and product types.

For business development (Health Management, Government or Life Sciences), contact us at BHIMarketing@BlueHealthIntelligence.com or phone: 312.540.3991.