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BHI Analytic Solutions and Consulting

Blue Health Intelligence® (BHI®) provides analytics and solutions to improve the cost and quality of care. BHI leverages the broadest, deepest pool of health information to build business intelligence solutions.

Collaboration and Transparency

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BHI’s mission is to support and enhance your competitive position through our direct solutions and the collaboration that our solutions generate. We are an analytic center of excellence and create leading-edge tools to give you greater insights.

  • Collaboration across health plans to capture best practices to strengthen the market position
  • Complete transparency within our solutions and services to ensure alignment of goals


Value-Added Business Intelligence Solutions

Our solutions help you tackle some of the most pressing business issues health plans face today, including developing value-based networks, identifying cost and quality improvement opportunities, and improving risk score accuracy. These solutions can be licensed from BHI.

Population advYZer
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Risk Adjustment – Population advYZer enables optimized care management strategies and risk adjustment ROI.

  • Maximize the financial impact of programs with advanced analytics and predictive modeling
  • Aim and take action by easily identifying the highest impact members
  • Close gaps with analytics that connect financial modeling, gap closure, and intervention results to inform both return and impact
  • Promote better quality and improved outcomes with more informed outreach

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Account Reporting and Analytics - WHYZEN Analytics is the next generation in account reporting technology putting the power of advanced visualizations and analytics into your hands to improve quality, reduce costs, and inform business decisions.

  • One source for analytics, across accounts, providers, members, and other stakeholders
  • Flexible integration of multiple data sources and advanced data methodologies
  • Highly secure, scalable solution for multiple Plans and very large populations
  • Integrated and prescriptive consulting services and reporting

Trend Insights
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Trend Analytics – Trend Insights enables you to navigate with incredible ease to know where your cost savings opportunities exist. Gain immediate access to clinical intelligence for a complete performance picture to identify areas for improvement.

  • Take comparative analysis beyond percentage changes to per member per month trends
  • Dive into financial and clinical trends, leveraging complete claim and episodic data

Hospital Insights
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Provider Network Analytics – Hospital Insights is a provider performance and network management solution that supports the development of value-based networks and quality initiatives.

  • Typical costs and total costs are identified for each episode, including inpatient, outpatient, professional, and other
  • Access cost components and rates for complications and readmissions by episode
  • Measure and compare facilities across the U.S.

Analytic Consulting
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Analytic Consulting - BHI’s analytic consulting team provides data and analytic expertise to solve complex business questions. The team is comprised of professionals with deep understanding of health care and healthcare analytics.

  • Turn data into meaningful and actionable information
  • Meet the business needs of large national accounts with cross-plan analytics
  • Leverage the collective power of data to develop unique and powerful business intelligence solutions


Value of BHI National Program Support

Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) Companies operate in a highly competitive environment under constant change, with disruptive players regularly entering the market. To thrive in the new era, the BCBS Companies must develop coordinated, national strategies to overcome system fragmentation and address the many business challenges facing Plans. BHI analytics:

  • Partners with the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (BCBSA) National Programs to support data-driven initiatives with data, solutions and analytics
  • Drive the Blue Distinction Specialty Care program and price transparency for Blue Cross Blue Shield AxisSM
  • Powers the Blue Distinction Total Care – collaborating with BCBSA on the ambitious analysis of PCMH/ACO availability and performance