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Calling on the nation’s premier healthcare database,
no one else provides BHI’s depth of transformational insights.

As the healthcare market moves to evidence-based decision making, BHI is leading the way, with data analytics that provide unparalleled detail about healthcare trends and best practices.

Leveraging a steady flow of data, which undergoes four levels of certification, including an independent external actuarial review and currently covers the healthcare experience of 165 million unique lives from every zip code in the country, BHI analytics adds tremendous value across the entire healthcare system. The longitudinal, conformed dataset has the broadest, deepest pool of integrated medical and pharmacy claims in the country, ensuring we have the strongest foundation possible. 

BHI analytics makes it possible to:

  • Identify evidence-based approaches that can improve provider network quality and efficiency, now and well into the future
  • Help employers manage costs while improving the health of their workforce
  • Engage consumers by providing the information they need to make smarter, more cost-effective healthcare decisions
  • Provide physicians and hospital systems with insights into emerging medical trends and treatment options
  • Identify patient risk factors for rare conditions that have eluded other organizations, allowing clients to proactively address those factors
  • Create opportunities for medical experts and researchers to expand their knowledge
  • Accurately demonstrate the efficacy and safety of new drugs, procedures and technologies